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Women Empowerment

Empowering women and girls by providing corrective awareness on the causes of poor health and wellbeing. We need to raise awareness on their health and nutrition; water, sanitation and hygiene; livelihood training; and education programs which will increase opportunities for them to reach their full potential.


Women Empowerment is the process that creates power in women to live a happy and respectable life in a society. Women are empowered when they are able to access opportunities in a variety of fields such as in education, profession, lifestyle, etc., without any limitations and restrictions. It includes raising their status through education, awareness, literacy and training.


Women were ill-treated since the "Sati Pratha" in the ancient times to the girl child abortion in the present, not only this, heinous crimes against women such as rape, acid attack, dowry system, honour killing, domestic violence, child marriage, etc; they are continue facing such violence in different parts.

What we do

HOF actively works for the upliftment of women and girls from the unprivileged community by promoting and encouraging them to take up jobs, higher education, business activities, through our versatile programs as discussed in brief:


Skill Livelihood Program: Our objective of the Skill Livelihood Program is to reduce poverty and inequality by generating employment among poor households and by moving highly vulnerable households into sustainable livelihoods and toward economic stability. Nowadays, if Man & Woman both are contributing to the family then only sustenance is possible, we provide skills to the household ladies so that they can also go out for jobs and support their families.


Self-Help Groups (SHG): HOF forms Self-Help Groups (SHG) in the communities: We believe the very existence of SHGs is highly relevant to making the people below the poverty line hopeful and self-reliant. The program plays a crucial role in overcoming social evils like alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, etc. in these communities.


We enable them to generate their income by providing different skill training then work, provide loans for startups and awareness to improve their standard of living and status in society.


Menstrual Hygiene and Health: HOF takes the responsibility to change this backward mindset of society as well as to break the myth by bridging the gap of knowledge through awareness. We distribute Sanitary Pads, IEC Materials to all the beneficiaries.




Women's education in India plays a very important role in the overall development of the country. It not only helps in the development of half of the human resources but in improving the quality of life at home and outside. Educated women not only tend to promote the education of their girl children but also can provide better guidance to all their children. Moreover educated women can also help in the reduction of infant mortality rate and the growth of the population.

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