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1) Legal Awareness

2) Health Awareness

3) Government schemes and other benefits

4) Community Development Awareness


A community awareness program is a project or initiative undertaken by an NGO to increase public knowledge and understanding of a certain issue. The program may use various methods to achieve its goals, such as public forums, educational materials, or media campaigns. The purpose of a community awareness program is to educate the public about a particular issue and to mobilize support for a cause or issue. The program may also aim to build relationships between the NGO and the community.


There are many types of community awareness by NGO, but some of the most common include providing information on health and wellness, education and career opportunities, and social and economic development.

What we do

1) Legal awareness helps to promote consciousness of legal culture, participation in the formation of laws and the rule of law. Legal awareness, or Public Legal Education, is the empowerment of individuals regarding the various legal issues hence promoting consciousness of legal culture and hence enabling them to be apart of the process involving the formation of law and the concept of the rule of law for different age groups & segments. Awareness topics are:


Awareness programmes on POCSO and child rights aim to create awareness about the legal protections available to children against sexual abuse and to empower children to assert their rights. Such programmes also aim to sensitise adults to the issue of child sexual abuse and to equip them with the skills and knowledge to prevent, recognise and respond to it.

An awareness Programme on Cybercrime & Cyberbullying is a programme which aims to educate people on the dangers of cybercrime and cyberbullying and to help them avoid becoming victims of these crimes. Our programme will cover topics such as what cybercrime and cyberbullying are, how they can affect people, and what people can do to protect themselves from these crimes. The programme may include workshops, seminars, and public awareness campaigns. We also create posters and flyers and distribute them in schools, communities, and other public places, we hold events and workshops on cyberbullying and its effects.

Awareness programmes on Domestic Violence take many different forms as workshops, seminars, conferences, or training courses. We designed it to be interactive, with participants encouraged to share their experiences and views. Our programmes are targeted at specific groups, such as women, men, children or young people, in short open to the general public. We provide legal support to the victims by providing free consultancy and lawyer if trquired.

2) Health awareness is a key component of prevention and early detection. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". Health awareness is the knowledge and understanding of health and wellness in an individual, also to identify risk factors and warning signs for health problems. It also includes the ability to make healthy choices and take action to improve one’s health.

Our Health awareness campaigns includes:
General Health Check-up Camps: 400+ Beneficiaries
Eye Check-up Camps: 300+ Beneficiaries includes 100+ Free Cateract Operation, 100+ Free Glasses & Medicines
Blood Donation Camps: 200+ Doners
Vaccination Camps: 10000+ Vaccinated

To promote health and wellness and the goals are to:
- Increase knowledge and understanding of health and wellness
- Promote healthy lifestyle choices
- Encourage early detection and prevention of health problems
- Empower individuals to take control of their health.

3) Hope On Foundation helps in providing Government Schemes and other benefits to the Elderly, Disabled, Widows and other vulnerable groups in society in number of ways. We act as a conduit between the government and the beneficiary, ensuring that the latter receives the assistance they are entitled to. We provide support and advice on various schemes and benefits available to them and ensure that their rights and interests are protected.

We do the Colony Development activities in the Camp/Colony by the resident of Camp/Colony itself. We encourage them by educating the art of good and healthy living and motivate them to clean the irown Camps/Colony, in return we reward them by distributing basic amenities.

1. It creates a sense of ownership and responsibility among community members.
2. It leads to more effective and efficient resource utilization.
3. It strengthens community bonds and social cohesion.
4. It enhances community members' self-esteem and sense of worth.
5. It contributes to the overall development of the community.

Colony Development -
Under #SwachhBharat Abhiyan, Hope On Foundation initiate Colony Development activity to restrict unsocial activity around the colony and for the safety of
the people. Hope On Foundation initiates cleanliness activity in the surroundings of the Camp by cutting the bushes and cleaning the garbage.

Major concerns that encourage us to do the activity are :
1. Cleanliness of the environment and the ambiance
2. To stop the regular unsocial activities happening behind the bushes.
3. Especially women of the camp reported that they feel scared while walking down from there after sunset.
Starting with a survey of the area with the MCD personnel, with Krishan (Pradhan) and Ms. Suman Deep Kumar, (President of women's wing in AAP)
understanding the operational aspects within the rules for cutting activity then followed up with the activity.

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