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Colony Development “PLANTATION” | Jul' 2017

During one of the periods of ‘Van Mahotsav’, it has been proposed plantation from July 1 – 7, 2017 with a target to planning 4 crores trees.

HOF organized different activities on the environment in colonies and schools as awareness activity.

We initiated plantation activity in the colony of Najafgarh. We invited Ms. Kakoli Roy, Honorary Member of  HOF to inaugurate this activity in our colony.

Planning of the Activity:  In Najafgarh where we have done the road and lane activities. We insisted residents of the colony do plantation on both sides of the lane through awareness programs.  They were enthusiastic, so interested in the activity with us. HOF searched and arranged for reasonable and best nursery for the activity. Fundraising for the Activity:  It was decided that residents will contribute the expenses and pay themselves to the nursery according to the number of plants they purchased. Activity Day:  The nurserymen brought different types of plants as prescribed by the residents. He starts planting the plants in front of every house as instructed by the residents. Different types of trees and plants were planted as per the choices of the residents. 

Closure of the Activity:  It looks beautiful and everyone seems satisfied with the idea “Go Green”. It helps in reducing pollution and freshen up the colony environment.


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