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1.1. Non- Formal Education (NFE)

With a vision to bridge the gap between education and knowledge, HOF is working towards providing proper education facilities to those who need it the most. HOF initiated NFE activities in the community to keep the interest of studying & learning alive among the kids and further drive them to link with mainstream education in nearby schools.

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1. Working for Child Development

We support the campaign: “पढ़ेगा इंशिया, तभी तो बढ़ेगा इंशिया” with our motto “हर बच्चा-बच्ची को शिक्षा समान”. Hope On Foundation works for the economic and social empowerment of unprivileged children in the communities across Delhi and different states of India. We are committed to working for the children's Education, Nutrition and Child Rights; we help them to realize their true potential. To know please visit:

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1.2. Pre-Nursery Education

In India, data shows that inadequate food during childhood results in depleting reading, memorizing and calculative capability. Pregnant and lactating women require every day minimum 140g and 165g respectively. Healthy and hygienic food is an immunity booster for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and other children. Hope On Foundation is providing awareness about health & nutrition with IEC materials and distribution kits which contain nutritious food items and hygiene products for the beneficiaries.