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Strategic Workaround in AAP wards | 18th Aug'2020

A Strategic Workaround for future collaborative work with AAP personnel in their jurisdiction wards.

Hope On Foundation’s survey conducted in Dayal Singh Camp, New Delhi along with Ms. Rekha Bassi and Mr. Arvind Bidhuri.

Ms. Rekha Bassi: President of Kalkaji Vidhan sabha Mahila wing & social worker in Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

Mr. Arvind Bidhuri: President Ward 89S

We have covered a sample of over 75 slum-dwellers houses and asking them few questions about their livelihood which is also a concern for AAP members and our association with them.

Issues/agenda discussed:

  • We have already distributed dry ration, health kits to the dwellers

  • Further awareness camps where legal aid, safety and women-related issues, etc.

  • Extending Government and other schemes to these dwellers

  • Sanitation cleanliness programs in the camp

  • Extending education facility

Our sample consists of current slum-dwellers and therefore, does not engage with issues of past slum evictions, which have been an important area of contention.


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