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Sponsor a "Child Education" | Apr'2020-21

Hope On Foundation initiate the Sponsor a Child activity to help and encourage the enthusiastic child to peruse their education.

We do the analysis of the entire year's expenses for a child with the school, uniform, study materials, etc. then we collectively contributed and paid the expenses.

*Case brief...On request, the names have not disclosed.

Background               Before demonetization, Mr. Rithun (Name Changed) was doing good with his wife and a son, the family lives with dignity. Post demonetization father lost his job. After a year he joined somewhere but with compromised remuneration and family marginally managing their monthly expenses.  Admission Problem               The year passed, Little Master's (Name Hidden) age 5+, have to skip his pre-school as they can't effort, but planned to put him in school next year. After one year (the year 2020), Little Master's age 6+, Father trying his level best for admission but the challenge was the initial admission fees. Months passed, the new session about to start and the schools releasing the admission list, Little Master's name shortlisted in 2 schools but can't be pursued because of the initial payment of Donation & Admission Fees.

HOF Initiative               After a few days, the lockdown was also announced, Father's salary was not credited. One day Father connects with Hope On Foundation, as one of the members is known to him.                HOF takes responsibility for the child and decided to sponsor his education this year. With the reference of one of the members, we make the admission in "Shantigyan Niketan", Najafgarh by paying the admission fees on 7th Apr' 2020. On 11th May 2020, we paid the fees for the month and Little Master was excited when we handover the books & stationary to him on 24th May 2020. We will continue to pay the fees month on month for the year 2020-21. HOF Closure               We are planning to help more children in the future with a belief that if we help a child today with education then tomorrow the child will become an educated citizen. HOF seeking sponsors to help us so that we can save the children from child labor, child marriage, and doing any crimes.

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