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NFE & Educational Kit Distribution | 12th Nov'2020

Hope On Foundation continuing with Non-Formal Education activity with community kids.

Our motto

बच्चा-बच्ची को शिक्षा समान

We organized an education activity to implant the importance of education in children.

पढ़ेगा इंडिया तभी तो बढ़ेगा इंडिया

HOF initiated this activity in the community to draw interest in studies among the kids. We bought them together for an activity and teach them the below contents with respect to the subject:

Math: 1, 2… 10

English: A, B… Z alphabets

Hindi: क, ख… ज्ञ alphabets

Rhyme: Twinkle-Twinkle little star…

In this pandemic, since lockdown started the schools were shut and there are no online classes hence education is totally stopped for these community kids. Due to lockdown, their interest in education is diminishing day by day which leads to more dropouts from schools.

As per our survey, we found that the kids don’t have books to read so according to the listed kids we have distributed books for Maths, English, Hindi and a Register with a set of Stationery and Pencil box. As for refreshment, we have distributed chips and biscuits to each kid.


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