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“Menstrual Hygiene” Program | 10th Oct'2020

Hope On Foundation increases awareness among adolescent girls & women on Menstrual Hygiene; to increase access to use quality sanitary napkins to stay safe.

Special thanks to our guest speaker "Ms. Kiran Rao", from Love Matters.

Left to Right: Mr. Sujyoti Chakravorty, Ms. Kakoli Roy, Ms. Kiran Rao.

Hope On Foundation (HOF) takes the responsibility to change this backward mindset of the society as well as to break the ice by bridging the gap of knowledge through awareness.

Our awareness activity highlights the importance of good menstrual hygienic practices such as the use of sanitary napkins; washing and cleaning; napkins disposal and precautions that should be taken during the periods with eating habits that enable healthy reproductive life in the future.

We encouraged the 170+ women dwellers by distributing sanitary hamper and information pamphlets. We distributed information pamphlets in the slum as well.


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