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International Webinar on "Slovenia at 29" | 30th Jun' 2020

Slovenia at 29: an International Webinar, Curated by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Diplomatist & Supported by Embassy of Slovenia in New Delhi

The theme of the Webinar: 

  1. Convergences and Challenges for India and Slovenia: Politics, Logistics, Science & Technology, Defence

  2. Slovenia-India trade relations, business cooperation, economic cooperation

  3. Relations in the post-COVID world

  4. Slovenia and the European Union

  5. 10 years of Slovenia in OECD

  6. Footprints of Indian companies in Slovenia and Slovenian companies in India

  7. Emerging areas of cooperation between Slovenia and India

  8. Cultural engagement between the two countries

  9. Common interests in the international sphere

  10. Slovenia tourism

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