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HOF Webinar COVID-19 “Do's n Don'ts” | 20th Apr' 2020

HOF organized a Webinar to discuss India’s fight against COVID-19 on 20th April 2020.

INDIA’S FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention

The main objective of the Webinar was to discuss how to create awareness and prevention from COVID-19. HOF and other participants from different backgrounds are willing to work together to fight against the pandemic. Our main focus was to do the planning, outreach programs to spread awareness in their communities/localities to help the people during this situation. In the webinar, we have decided to take the following action when everything is lockdown:

  • Food distribution to the underprivileged people.

  • Distribute masks and other prevention amenities.

  • Provide/arrange transportation for migrants.

  • Facilitate medical help to the patients.

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