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Sports Activity “FOOTBALL” | 1st Nov'2018

As the game football is loved by everyone and it benefited in different ways that go beyond the game like their energy move towards a positive goal and keep them fit and active.

“HOF organized different sports activities for the engagement of the society which includes both underprivileged or privileged backgrounds people irrespective of age group.

Planning: First of all, we do planning for the activity which includes the Date & Time, predicted number of People, Place, Amenities required, variety of Snacks, Gifts and not the least Budgeting. Fundraising: Post planning of the activity we approach the residents of the society with our plan, request for their involvement, and their support in fundraising (if possible). Contribution in fundraising helps in ensuring the interest and participation. Those who are not contributing we assign a task in the activity. The day: We usually organize activities on weekends for fruitful participation and engagements. Its bright sunny day of 1st November 2018, 8 am. we reached the ground of Misri Devi School (Najafgarh) with all amenities for the initial setup. 3 residents contributed the shades, tables, and sitting, so they are arranging it up with the tent-man.

HOF arranged the ground, football, snacks & gifts. As scheduled at 9:30 am. the participants (players) and the residents reached the field; after 30 mins of brief about HOF, i.e. our vision and awareness about the pros n cons of doing an activity/Sports.  We have started the match at 10:15 am. It has 2 sessions of 30 mins. At the end of the 1st session, a 15 mins break, where banana and flavored milk were severed to the kids, followed up with tea & biscuits as other preferences. The match finished by 11:30 am, Post that we played few more activities like kicking the ball with elderly people and those who have not participated in the match, few people shared their experiences about YOGA, insisted to do some activity every morning, etc. Closure: We ended the day activity by congratulating the people who contributed the most to the activity. We have 35 kids as participants but we distributed gits to the winning team and the player who makes most goals, also promised to come up again with such.


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