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Colony Development "LANE" | Sep 2017

The biggest help to society is to giving comfort to the lives of mankind. One of the important things is the road. If roads are hassle-free then lives would be easy.

“Our member Sujyoti Chakravorty staying in Najafgarh; Mr. Sujyoti with other HOF members decided to start this activity from the Najafgarh area. HOF speaks with the colony members to make colony lane which resolves many issues like bumpy and unbalanced road, school van can approach the houses, movement of the people will be easier”.

The planing of Activity: The colony people agreed on the activity and as per planning HOF starts working on it by searching and contacting the contractors staying nearby and with their quotation they make budgeting for the colony which includes Daily Wages Labours also. Fundraising for the Activity: Post planning we approach the residents with the plan, operational integration, and budget. Activity Day:  HOF organizers already streamlined the things with the contractors, suppliers, and workers. Work started as scheduled and it took 17 days to complete the lane. Pay off done by the fund raised through the contribution of the colony members and HOF members in the activity.

Closure: Everyone thanked HOF for accomplishment and HOF thanked Mr. Sujyoti for coming up with an opportunity to work on the community development activity.


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