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Education Activity “DRAWING” | 8th Jul'2018

Drawing plays a big role in our cognitive development. It can help us learn to write and think creatively, develop hand-eye coordination, sharpen analytic skills, and conceptualize ideas.

“HOF organized different awareness activities for the society which includes both underprivileged or privileged backgrounds people irrespective of any sort of discrimination.

Planning: In planning, we include the Date & Time, predicted number of People, Place, Amenities required, difference Snacks, Gifts, and not the least Budgeting.

Fundraising: We approach the residents of the society with our plan and request for their involvement and support in fundraising (if possible). Contributions help in ensuring the interest and participation and those who are not able to give money we include them in the task (if interested). Activity day: We usually organize all activities on weekends for fruitful participation and engagements. On Sunday 8th July 2018, we booked Sai Mandir (Najafgarh) hall-room. HOF arranged the hall, tables-chairs for guests and visitors, drawing amenities, snacks & gifts in kind.

          At 8 am. we reached there with all amenities for the initial setup of the hall. Carpets that are from the Mandir are places. As scheduled, by 9 am. distinguished guests and parents with kids have arrived in the hall. Volunteers helped them to settle and we started the day activity with a brief introduction about HOF followed-up with our vision and activity. Around 9:30 am drawing activity started.           The topic was ‘Pollution’, to spread the awareness & importance of the ‘World Environment Day’, HOF initiated this activity on this day. The topic was open for all but we segregated the children into groups basis of class;            1st Group - up to class 4;           2nd Group - from 5 to 9;           3rd Group - from 9 to 12;           4th Group open to all;

We have a list of 200 children that are participating in the activity.

After 30 mins of the activity, we served tea and snacks for the guests, parents, and those who submitted their work. After 1 hr. we announced everyone to submit their drawing. By 11 am, we gathered all the drawings and give them to the decided juries to select 2 best work from each group. Closure: We requested the President of PSDPS to distribute the gifts to the selected best works. The President has appreciated HOF's efforts and suggested to do this activity in Durga Puja, also he promised to give support for such activities. We served juices, toffies, biscuits & chips to the participants and thanked everyone to join us in this activity. With the satisfaction of accomplishment, HOF promised to pursue this activity every year.


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