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Dry Ration distribution in "Gandhi Camp" | 12th Sep'2020

Hope On Foundation organized Dry ration kits Distribution for 50 households in "Gandhi Camp", Ishwar Nagar, New Delhi.

Hope On Foundation organized Dry ration kits Distribution in " Gandhi Camp" & "Dayal Sing Camp", Ishwar Nagar, New Delhi for the households who are no-income families for their survival in this pandemic.

We HOF, use to do surveys wherever we visit. We spotted these camp during our visits to Dayal Singh Camp and while interaction we came to know that this camp did not get any kind of facilities during the pandemic.

So we listed 50 households in Gandhi Camp and start distribution from these house members, we had distributed kits of Rice(5kg), Atta(5kg), Dal(2kg), and Salt(1kg).

Same day 50 ration kits distributed in Dayal Singh Camp as well.

Post distribution we took a walk-around to visit and interact with the households to know more about their expectation and requirement, also where we can help them.


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