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COVID-19 awareness activity | 19th Dec'2020

Worldwide the war against COVID-19 is on, Hope On Foundation members becoming frontline warriors to support mankind.

In this pandemic, we have actively working on many essentials including awareness on Corona/COVID-19.

We have conducted two activities: 1) for kids and 2) for Elders. In the first half of the day, We have done the awareness activity with more than 50 kids from the community and in the second half, we pursue the awareness activity with elderly people.

Many government and non-government organizations working on awareness activity and we with the association/ encouragement of Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), South-West Delhi, extending our awareness activity to different parts of the city.

HOF visiting different communities to provide awareness on the corona pandemic. To support our activity and to draw mass interest, we distribute masks, sanitizers and our IEC material, in form of pamphlets that contain dos and don'ts which need to follow by every individual during this pandemic.


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