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Colony Development "Cleanliness & Safety" | 25th Sep'2020

Under #SwachhBharat Abhiyan, Hope On Foundation initiate Colony Development activity to restrict unsocial activity around the colony and for the safety of the people.

Hope On Foundation initiates cleanliness activity in the surroundings of the Camp by cutting the bushes and cleaning the garbage.

Major concerns that encourage us to do the activity are :

  1. Cleanliness of the environment and the ambiance

  2. To stop the regular unsocial activities happening behind the bushes.

  3. Especially women of the camp reported that they feel scared while walking down from there after sunset.

Starting with a survey of the area with the MCD personnel, with Krishan (Pradhan) and Ms. Suman Deep Kumar, (President of women's wing in AAP) understanding the operational aspects within the rules for cutting activity then followed up with the activity.


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