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Alwar Central Prison visit | 06 Apr 2022

Keep an Eye on your Eye Health: Hope On Foundation organizing free eye check-up camps for the individuals residing in different parts of Delhi. We organised at one of the neglected areas like Prison.

This time Hope On Foundation setup camp in Alwar Central Prison on below aspects:

1. Legal Awareness: In collaboration with DLSA Alwar a session on Legal Awareness has been giving to the prisoners

2. Eye Check-up Camp: We do checkups for any underlying symptoms or conditions such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, development of cataracts, and macular degeneration other serious health problems such as diabetes, hypertension etc.

We catered 100+ inmates and prison officers. Glasses distributed to beneficiaries: 35, Free Medicine to beneficiaries: 25

3. Women Prisoners: We went to women barrack to meet the victims and we have distributed 1 Bag, 8 Menstrual Pads, 1 Under garments, 2 Soaps (Bathing & Washing), Towel, Sanitizer, Carpets and Advocacy Pamphlets.

4. Foreign Prisoners: Those who have completed their sentence and are in detention for repatriation. They are most isolated in terms of dignity as human being. We have distributed 2 Soaps (Bathing & Washing), Towel, Sanitizers, and Blanket.


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